image shows Vincent Gasnier tasting a fine wine


Wine is my life-and I want to help you to make it much more important in your life.

Ever since I was very young, wine has been my passion. Growing up in the Loire Valley, I was surrounded by vineyards, and during my school holidays I would help the local wine producers in return for a few francs- and the benefit of their knowledge and experience in turning the humble grape into a magical drink!

I have made it my life’s work to learn as much as I can, but also to share in the enjoyment of wine and to help other people to enjoy it to the full. Serving my time in restaurants in Paris and then in the UK, I realised that more and more people would like to improve their knowledge of wine and try something new, but so often they were afraid of wasting their money or losing face-or both! This is a great shame, as there is so much to enjoy.

Even though I have been in the wine business for many years, there are still wines that I have yet to try-and I can’t wait! One of the greatest pleasures of wine is that the more you learn and the more you experience, the better it gets, as you gain confidence and enjoyment from comparing wines from different countries, regions, and even individual producers, and you can also begin to compare vintages.

I have an approach to wine that it should be fun, and everyone can and should enjoy it, whatever their age, social position or wealth. I have many new ideas, which I am sure will be of value to you.

What more does anyone need? A little food, good company with family or friends around them, and one or two wonderful wines to drink, discuss and compare!

I hope this website will help you to reach that goal, over and over again.

Image shows Vincent Gasnier pouring a fine wine Image shows Vincent Gasnier holding a fine wine and smiling

My Philosophy of Wine

  • Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good
  • Let’s get rid of snobbery in wine-let’s have enjoyment, value and quality instead
  • However we buy our wine, we all need advice to cope with the bewildering array of wines and producers
  • Learn about grape varieties-these are the key
  • Everyone needs good advice if they are buying wine to lay down for the future or as an investment
  • Good wine is one of life’s greatest and most lasting pleasures